Without Understanding

"At times intense, at other times joyous but always groovin'!"
- Dennis Rollins

My name is Jeremy Platt. I make music. Examples can be found through the above links and my albums can be accessed through the Releases page. I write poems and essays and my short story “Playing Bass at A Wedding” is available in Dreamcatcher magazine issue 40.

This is a place where I share music, words, thoughts and ideas.

More Dancing Fly

8 July 2024

Here's another track by Dancing Fly. (See previous posts for details). This one's called 'Chosen Few"

Joe Augustine - Vocals and Guitar

Eddie Adams - Bass

Cano Joseph - Drums

Jeremy Platt - Guitar and Keyboard

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Another Dancing Fly Track

11 June 2024

Here's another from the Dancing Fly vault. (Please see previous post for more information). This is a song of Joe's called Schooldays Lover. I sang the chorus and I remember him saying to me "FST" as a way to remember the order in which the lyrics came when we did it live. More overplaying on guitar by me but this tune is an absolute banger!

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Dancing Fly

20 May 2024

Way back in the day, I did a few deps on guitar in a late incarnation of legendary Huddersfield band Jab Jab. In doing so I was fortunate to meet the late Joe Augustine and his brother Charlie. I played in Joe’s subsequent band Dancing Fly for a few years. We rehearsed every week in a basement for three hours and in that time we might work on two songs. It was all about the micromanagement of rhythm and in particular, about interaction with the bass. I contributed keys, guitar and BVs and I definitely overplayed on the first two but it seemed to work on top of the solid rhythmic foundation. I thought people might like to hear some of the tracks we did. This is Hendrix's "Hey Joe" as you have never heard it before!

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Joe, Cano and Steady Eddie – I salute you!

Black Orpheus

12 April 2024

Another live track from the trio - this time recorded from the sound desk. I'm on piano, Richard Iles on Flugelhorn and Jose Canha on Double Bass.

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More Jeremy Platt Trio Live

15 January 2024

Here's another tune we recorded on a recent gig. This is a composition by Richard Iles and it features Richard on Flugelhorn (and Piano) and Jose Canha on Double Bass. I'm on guitar on this one.

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Jeremy Platt Trio Live

4 January 2024

Live recording we made in December 2023. I'm singing this one a little bit higher than Barry White!

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Jeremy Platt (Vocals, Piano)

Richard Iles (Flugelhorn)

Jose Canha (Double Bass)

Alex Cuba and the audience

12 November 2023

I was recently in Sevilla where I attended a concert by the Cuban Canadian musician Alex Cuba. It proved to be a thought provoking experience. Alex Cuba has built a career by developing a devoted audience while singing in both Spanish and English. None of his song videos or even his Tiny Desk performance with a (great) band convey the human warmth that was generated in the room of around 300 people. Armed only with his expressive voice and subtle rhythmic guitar skills, Alex created an incredibly intimate dialogue with those in attendance. The Andalusian audience, which may have included some with Cuban heritage, knew all the words. Alex encouraged their participation from the beginning, creating call and response opportunities. This being Andalusia, his guitar flourishes generated frequent “Ole’s”. The clapping along of the audience was subtle, influenced by the “palmas” of Flamenco and utterly unlike the groove killing hammering of beats one and three which still blights some European concert halls. The audience were certainly celebrating the music but I think a better word for their attitude would be “reverence”. They showed reverence for the performer, the songs and the occasion. From the moment Alex Cuba appeared on the stage, he established a deep connection with his people. This was through a mixture of charisma, humour and the knowledge that he was loved. It was a privilege to witness this meeting which eliminated any traditional notion of a distinction between audience and performer. In truth, the audience was the gig.

Accelerate The Years

25 August 2023

A long time ago I recorded "Accelerate The Years", a track featuring piano and multitrack vocals. It's now available on my Bandcamp page. https://jeremyplatt.bandcamp.com/track/accelerate-the-years

Sabrina by Nick Drnaso

5 June 2023

I would definitely recommend Nick Drnaso's graphic novel "Sabrina". It's an examination of the way in which people's lives are affected by the online world. I was struck by the way in which individuals are frequently depicted as the only human figure against domestic or other backgrounds, often at night and without text. The cumulative effect of this is to create an oppressive atmosphere of loneliness with which the reader can empathise. This subtle and gradual building of emotion by purely visual means is an interesting feature of the graphic novel. In combination with text it can make for an extremely powerful impact.


22 May 2023

I now have three tracks on Bandcamp

Silence Again - a version of trumpeter Richard Iles' fantastic ballad.

All Up In This Jam and Never Let Me Go which might be loosely described as synth funk jams.

Please do listen here at Jeremy Platt Bandcamp