Without Understanding

y escribí la primera línea vaga,
vaga, sin cuerpo, pura
pura sabiduría
del que no sabe nada,

- Neruda

Without Understanding is an attempt to reconnect with an impulse to create, buried somewhere in the long ago past. It is a rebellion against the situation which currently obtains and it yearns for transformation. It aims for direct emotional contact.

Welcome to my site. Here you will find links to my music. We are more than one thing.

Jeremy Platt

All Up In This Jam

All Up In This Jam by Jeremy Platt. Five minutes of funk heavily featuring the Microkorg

Adrian Ingram's Cookbook

Adrian Ingram –Guitar
Jeremy Platt - Organ, Paul Smith - Drums.
Internationally renowned jazz guitarist Adrian Ingram returns to the
music that originally inspired him to pick up a guitar. The Cookbook
provide a new twist on material drawn from the likes of early Grant
Green and George Benson. Expect cooking,bluesy grooves!

Silence Again

Jeremy Platt's version of Richard Iles' brilliant tune "Silence Again" - available here for free - http://jeremyplatt.bandcamp.com/

Sometimes Saying Your Name

"Sometimes Saying Your Name" - Jeremy Platt Jazz Soul Moment is now available - distributed by Kudos. Physical copies on cdbaby.com

Airplay for "Take Me Where The Love Is"

"Take Me Where The Love Is" from "Sometimes Saying Your Name" by the Jeremy Platt Jazz Soul Moment was used to play out the Craig Charles Show. 


Daniel Pearson UK Tour July 2014

Jeremy Platt will be playing keyboard on the upcoming Daniel Pearson UK Tour. See dates here.


Illum Sphere - Ghosts Of Then And Now

Jeremy Platt plays the keyboard solo on "Near The End" on " Of Ghosts Of Then And Now" by Illum Sphere. Out on Ninja Tune.



Free download of slow electro funk track "Never Let Me Go" by Jeremy Platt on Bandcamp.

Jamming on the Microkorg

Video 1

Video 2