Without Understanding

Dancing Fly

20 May 2024

Way back in the day, I did a few deps on guitar in a late incarnation of legendary Huddersfield band Jab Jab. In doing so I was fortunate to meet the late Joe Augustine and his brother Charlie. I played in Joe’s subsequent band Dancing Fly for a few years. We rehearsed every week in a basement for three hours and in that time we might work on two songs. It was all about the micromanagement of rhythm and in particular, about interaction with the bass. I contributed keys, guitar and BVs and I definitely overplayed on the first two but it seemed to work on top of the solid rhythmic foundation. I thought people might like to hear some of the tracks we did. This is Hendrix's "Hey Joe" as you have never heard it before!

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Joe, Cano and Steady Eddie – I salute you!